Sunkalp is a resolution taken by Sun Pharma for the welfare of doctors, their families and communities at large in India. A tribute to those who have been at the forefront of the pandemic to take care of all of us. We extend our full support to them and their families in combating Covid-19. Under this resolve, Sun Pharma is launching multifaceted initiatives as follows:

  • Mental Health Support for Doctors & Families
  • Mental Health Webinars for Doctors & Families
  • Post Doctorate Educational Sponsorship
  • Educational Aid for Doctor’s Children*
  • Donation of COVID-19 Medicines

Sun Pharma is pledging ₹100 crores for Sunkalp.

*For doctors who have lost their lives because of COVID

Mental Health Support for Doctors

Sun Pharma has partnered with Mann Talks to provide doctors and their families with free and confidential emotional and psychological care by trained mental health professionals.

Dilip Shanghvi
Managing Director, Sun Pharma

“Sunkalp is a humble attempt by Sun Pharma to contribute to the welfare of doctors and communities at large. It’s a tribute to the healthcare service providers for their selfless acts of sacrifice and kindness in these challenging times. We pray for their good health and safety.”

Kirti Ganorkar
CEO – India Business, Sun Pharma

“The healthcare professionals have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic and their determination to fight against all odds inspires us every day. Through Sunkalp, we want to extend our gratitude to them and contribute in strengthening the healthcare ecosystem for a healthier tomorrow.”